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Fanny November 20, at 9: In her autobiography, Christian blamed her husband's extramarital affairs on the breakup of her marriage. When asked about having sex with a male, he replied, "Why leave out one whole sex? That biography of some years back "The Secret Life of Tyrone Power" did dish some dirt though on the bi- angle. According to Lombard "Papa wasn't that great between the sheets.

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Bowers writes; because public relations as a business exists to propagate falsehoods and untruths; because I know older gay men in Los Angeles who vouch for the veracity not just of Mr. He was so fanatically fussy about his own health…if, heaven forbid, she had even the tiniest blemish or a pimple he simply would not touch her. He was definitely and very obviously bi. Power's mother supported her family as a drama and voice coach at the Schuster-Martin School, and in her spare time, she coached him for several years in voice and dramatics.

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