Transgendered teens

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The Sad Saga of John Chau. Scott, a year-old who radiates calm, explained that despite having been assigned female at birth, he simply never felt like a girl. Only a third of transgender students who reported victimization to school staff members feel that their situation was taken care of adequately and effectively. And some young people clearly experience something like what these caterpillar-to-butterfly narratives depict. Would she write a blurb—the endorsement you see on the back cover—for my new book about how a person can navigate a career in the winner-take-all economy of the 21st century? Transgender people identify along this spectrum, but also identify as a gender that is different than the one they were assigned at birth.

transgendered teens
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She experienced some side effects—hot flashes, memory issues—but the hormones also provided real relief.

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I heard a similar story from a quirky year-old theater kid who was going by the nickname Delta when we spoke. But when it comes to the question of physical interventions, this era has also brought fraught new challenges to many parents. The bill allows minors to have their parents apply to have their legal gender marker changed for them or to have a gender marker held from their birth certificate until their gender identity has been self-determined.

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Although the study only included teens in two grades, the rates are higher than a UCLA study released last year estimating that 0.

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