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He then says "Nigga wat U tryin to do fareal fareal yo?? When I am at the base of your dick, I'll gently lick your balls with the tip of my tongue and work my way back up to the tip. I see you out shopping and I like what I see and because I know your into same sex relationships I wont hesitate to speak to try to exchange number Yeah, man, I'd give it to you. Sarge flipping Python over so he can hit his ass hard also would been grat to see. Fantasy about Sarge submitted by Richard from Brooklyn.

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Slowly pleasing him, getting his dick all hard and wet.

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Sarge & Dro

K stands in front and as S looks up, K nuts on his face. We left and went our separate ways, until next time. Meanwhile Sarge please to all of them in multiple positions; moaning' and yellin' and covered of cum in his face, mouth, tongue and pecs. Sarge Python in Dick On Call: The lights get dimmed as the jail warders go home for the day. As soon as our trip came to an end, we exchanged numbers, and promised to keep in contact.

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S nuts, M pulls out and shoots all the way up S'S back. Sarge moves the guy to the bed and still holds on to him, he puts the guy onto his back with his head hanging over the side of the bed and positions him to get a reverse head scissor, Curt Dawg comes over and raises the robber's head so that it can be as close to Sarge's ass as possible and Sarge squezzes the guy head between his legs,the robber taps out,showing that he is in pain, Sarge gives him a break, but squezzes again- later on,Curt Dawg is asks him what he is doing here,the robber does not answer,Curt Dawg tells Sarge to move onto the bed and he, does but he again keeps the guy in a reverse head scissor,only this time Curt tells the robber that he broke into the wrong room this time,chump! As I'm working that dick, I reach up and start playing with your nipples. Get in his head to understand his needs and wants For some reason I could not take my eyes off of this dude and he couldn't take his eyes off of me either.

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