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Speaking of Vince, he's 70 and still running every aspect of WWE from television tapings to executive board meetings. He even gained the respect of all-time great Bruno Sammartino, who was as close as wrestling came to having a figure with the stature of Muhammad Ali. Like Vachon, Ray Stevens was a larger-than-life character who was instrumental in Patterson's development as an all-around talent. Share this page: It should come as no surprise that Patterson's penchant for telling a good story in the ring translates to his storytelling ability within the confines of a book. Everybody makes mistakes one time or another. Pat Pattersonthe WWE icon who was the first intercontinental champion, is gay.

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I turned out to be so good that they liked to wrestle with me because I made them look good.

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It's a testament to Patterson's character that he succeeded in a homophobic world and an even more homophobic business as an openly gay athlete. I called Vince and said, "You want to see that kid. Pat Patterson is simply one of the greatest of all time, and this book is a gateway into his amazing world.

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And that's when, for the first time, he revealed that there is more.

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