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Finally, a good policy tries to combine as many morally relevant rules as possible. Their is already so much need in the world, and adopting children, whether you're gay or straight, is much more morally praiseworthy than creating new children. I mean, who cares about Niq's medieval views of gay people? Disagreeable Me January 17, 1: Anonymous January 17, I applaud you for leaving Mormonism, but it really does seem to me that you are left with a lot of overly-conservative values that need to be re-examined.

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That still leaves me asking 'What makes these things unnatural'?

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I think Massimo fudges a bit on what part the 'sci' is and what part the 'phi' is. Also consider that your view renders the notion of moral progress nonsense. They are intended to guard against discrimination and prejudice. This hardly seems supportable either. It becomes even more difficult when we try to predict the quality of life of future or potential persons and this is precisely what is required in the context of medically assisted reproduction.

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The concept of natural right implies that, if Society does not grant it, then Society must change. Email alerts New issue alert. I find that unlikely. NiqDan is trying to defend the appeal to nature by explaining why he thinks homosexuality is unnatural, and I guess sinful. Anonymous January 15, 1: You really don't think the one act upon which the perpetuation of the species and a good share of our lives depends is really a 'Oh well whatever you like at the moment!

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