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Marc encourages Justin to befriend the cheerleaders, and both Justin and Marc end up helping update the cheerleading squad's uniforms and routine. Technical Specs. References to Marc's sexuality are coy in the first season. In the rally, Justin is named the school's homecoming queen but following Marc's advice to take control and turn the joke around, Justin gives the tiara and flowers to his mother Hilda to make up for her homecoming, which she missed as she was pregnant with Justin. Archived from the original on

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He said it never felt wrong when he was with women previously.

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And that's what's important," said Ross von Metzke, senior editor of here! IMDb More. A campy, over-the-top comedy that revolves around life at a glossy fashion magazine, the show has won a loyal fan base — in part due to its matter-of-fact portrayal of gay characters.

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