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Enter ZIP code or city. By sexbetweenthe annual number of new HIV infections decreased among females but remained stable among males. Bibliography CDC. By age groupbetweenthe annual number of HIV infections decreased among persons aged 13—24 and 45—54 but increased among persons aged 25— HIV prevention modeling study press release.

hiv/aids increase in young gay men
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What do gay and bisexual men know and think about HIV, and about these new treatments?

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Questions and Answers Fact Sheet: The results strongly support the hypothesis that younger gay men with older partners are the leading edge of the epidemic in their cohort. Just one in ten know someone, including themselves, who has taken PrEP, and eight in ten say they have heard only a little or nothing at all about the new medication.

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Estimating the population size of men who have sex with men in the United States to obtain HIV and syphilis rates.

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