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Why has our culture selected out this tranche of the population, lavishly romanticized it and located it in every nook and cranny of American life? That picture told the world that, after all the years of rejections from family members, employers, psychiatrists, and the government, members of the L. But, after it was decided in her favor, declaring the federal Defense of Marriage Act DOMA —which barred federal recognition of legally valid same-sex marriages—unconstitutional, it set the Court on an unstoppable path toward its landmark ruling two years later, declaring a nationwide right to same-sex marriage equality. It seemed to her not only wrong but an insult to her marriage. What a screwed up country America has become.

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It is not that same-sex marriage has risen up to the value of the institution of marriage; it is because the value of the institution of marriage has sank down to same-sex marriage.

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At that point, Spyer was quadriplegic and got around by using an adjusted mouse to maneuver her wheelchair. We're old ladies. Board of Education, for example, as we entered a previous era of civil-rights litigation. Young athletes.

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Just because I'm unfair to blacks to a greater degree than I'm unfair to gays doesn't invalidate the fact that I'm being unfair to gays.

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