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It's 4PM in Central London. That's hard to do with app meets when you've been sending reams of saucy texts, promising all manner of exotic acts, then you discover they're repulsive, nothing like you imagined. But as I watch Rich walk out into the night and back down Berwick Street, I'm almost heartened that there is still a sizeable minority of people out there willing to take a walk on the wild side. I'm sure anglers will describe a similar feeling. Christmas shoppers are carrying huge Primark bags, while office staff in gaudy jumpers sink pints outside the pub on the corner of Soho's Berwick and Broadwick streets.

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He still hangs out in the Broadwick Street cottage two, three times a week, but he's also on Grindr.

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There is something less than cheery about the sight of a bunch of lone men wandering around in the dark and rain. Jake is 25, a clean-cut looking type with an office job in nearby Leeds. It's 4PM in Central London. Cornwall Top Re:

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In port towns, in public spaces of various kinds across emerging urban centres during the early modern period, there was surely cruising of a kind one root of the definition of the word links it to sailorsand certainly by the 18th century there is plenty of evidence of cruising — allusions in poems and other writing.

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