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I may not look it, but I am very grateful for all of the kind comments and compliments I receive on my photos. I had totally forgotten about taking these pictures, but seeing them now brought back a lot of fond memories of being young. So I figured 'what's the use of following them? I went golfing as Michelle. Fushia Gown 2a by Michelle Monroe.

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I meant to buy a beach ball today for this set, but I bought an airconditioner instead and it was too heavy to hold over my head.

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Rosemary Benskin

Corset and skirt by the fabulous Velda Lauder. New Years Eve by Elizabeth Heatherton. The dress has long been donated to charity, ditto with the shoes. Dry January - why am I doing this? View all All Photos Tagged transgendered.

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The term Mab is completely agnostic about identity, it is merely a marker for shared experience. Well Heeled by Veronica Paige. What time does the limo show up? I am not any more a part of the the genderal male population that an MTF is. But I couldn't help but notice a few things.

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