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Jose Saramago. Among Bahariani citizens, how open they can be about their sexual orientation or gender identity has a lot to do with how traditionalist or modern their family is. Hair Brush. Gaining social acceptance and official recognition of a change of sex subsequently can be more difficult. Although at first sight the Iranian approach to transgender might look remarkably liberal, it does have a darker side. VR Headsets. Sunjeev Sahota.

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The case became public when Al-Azhar University refused to readmit her either as a male student or a female student.

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When the US supreme court ruled in favour of same-sex marriage last year, the White House welcomed it with rainbow-coloured lights and many people celebrated by adding a rainbow tint to their Facebook profile. George R R Martin. Statistics are scarce but the number of arrests is undoubtedly lower than it was during the British wave of homophobia in the s. The problems that the students are facing are put into the category of educational problems, not immoral acts.

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