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It took them until to be able to fly a complete circle. January MEZ —Preceding unsigned comment added by It became obvious early on in my research that it had to be Orville, for several reasons -- historically, he did come pretty close to marriage. And so, because they didn't work very, very well, there was all of a sudden this suspicion that maybe the Wrights were not what they appeared. Santos still has halfway to go, and it's the hard part, fighting a stiff headwind the whole way. A little wooden shelf built explicitly to hold the eggs.

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I would rather see the space now taken by the S-D section used to flesh out the actual WB story:

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Even though some newspapers reported the flights, the U. At the very low altitudes under consideration here, the next step is for the wing to touch the ground and swing the machine around, causing it to stop flying, i. The Wright family often tells the story of Orville's experiments with an automatic record changer.

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For instance, one day, Milton's two boys spent the day with Aunt Katharine and Uncle Orv, so that their parents could have a day to themselves.

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