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It was an outlier at the time of its release, since its engaging characters and catchy music actually garnered it a fair amount of popularity even outside of the typical boys love demographic. Banana Fish. On a stormy night in dystopian No. Instead, it features adorable moments of bonding and love that are enhanced even further by the gorgeous music and animation from Studio Deen. The characters are all charming and each one has a pretty dark past.

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By incorporating a gay male romance into other genres like sci-fi, spy intrigue, or sports, we can come up with all kinds of new tales to tell.

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All the anime listed above are really famous and are certainly among the best Boy's Love anime that exist, even though there are many others worth watching. The series revolves around the relationships between Japanese figure Though he was in charge of editing novels in the previous company, he is now assigned to the Shoujo manga section, which only consists of men.

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If you love dystopian young adult fiction but wish there was a little more gay in it, this could be the series for you.

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