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Blink ceased performing together inbut they have reformed. Everyone else but me surfs. Noel Gallagher lays into people complaining about Brexit. Getty Images. On Blink 's real first tour, Tom was arrested for underage drinking. Noel Gallagher Credit: When we look back now, after my crash when Tom and Mark finally came to my house, about 30 seconds went by and Tom and Mark are telling dick jokes.

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In his recent Facebook note replying to Hoppus and Barker's accusations of ingratitude and negligence, Delonge wrote that "even as I watch them act so different to what I know of them to be, I still care deeply for them.

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Married his girlfriend of six years, Jen Jenkinson May 26, Twitter Email. All of them have been married to women.

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Travis Barker also speaks about the band reconnecting after his plane crash Blink drummer Travis Barker has spoken about the acrimonous way in which the band split up in

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