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What are we willing to suffer? I teach in a very diverse school — racially and economically as well as with regard to religious beliefs. July 19, at 7: So, is a teacher to go along with this p. There is a song on YouTube that is to be the voice of God and now He is was with so many different people and how he would be there in the end and it asks if you are ready. But the teachers who work in a public school have to be more careful and adhere to legal standards of the precedents of the courts, not rely on their own understanding, just like the bible says about scripture.

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And, with a foundation of love and kindness we can confidently speak the truth.

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Though I do not recall all the details I wrote, I would just like to caution you and your readers of one thing. It is like if I told the entire school that my son prefers to wear a B. Is it a mental disorder or does the cause of gender dysphoria lie somewhere else? American Civil Liberties Union:

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We are not sitting in judgement but realise that we are sinners saved by grace.

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