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After he spent a few minutes ravaging my ass to his best ability through my shorts I felt the air on my ass cheeks as he pulled into a parking spot. The orgasm seemed to last for minutes but it was probably only seconds and then everything seemed to subside as my body returned to normal. As a student I found that the best time for me to study was early in the morning. He worked my hole for a few moments that way as he continued to dig into my cheeks. Pic or Vids of cocks cumming https: Instead of fucking me, he just held me there, teasing me like a desperate slut. It felt like heaven.

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So I drove to his place.

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Neither one of us ever actually came together but the connection was exhilarating. I was so ready. I was a bit embarrassed though.

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After reconnoitring several cottages I found three that were busy enough for me to satisfy my cravings.

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