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Valentine's resting place in Dublin. Time to break up big tech's monopoly, save capitalism from itself? Within 7 minutes LeBron James announced himself as also being gay, with a caveat. Trevor Huffman - February 12, New Netflix documentary to investigate year-old massacre in Northern Ireland. Love-seekers show up at St. Archaeologist traces Newgrange origins to mainland Europe.

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And yes, for the love of God, I know that LeBron is not actually that person.

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What if LeBron Were Gay?

Normalization is honestly the end goal for queer athletes. Celebrating years of the beloved song "Foggy Dew" and its history. Where to meet the love of your life in Ireland this St. When pushed by incredulous reporters to delve deeper into his incredible announcement, LeBron made it clear he was only gay for himself, and not other men. History The greatest love letters to famous Irishmen.

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The point is that so many of the people who read that headline were sent into a flustered rage by the mere suggestion that someone like LeBron, an era-defining force on the field of play, could identify as something less than heterosexual and cisgender off of it. They were the heroes we deserved, but not the ones we needed. Archaeologist traces Newgrange origins to mainland Europe. Pope Francis call for more acceptance of gays changes everything. I love myself, and I love myself so much, that I am gay for myself, you know what I mean, man? When Jason Collins came out inwe were expecting the floodgates to open, and for the queer players in the Big Five to poor out of the closet into open daylight. The word from the James camp is that LeBron is 'way more super gay' than Collins.

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