Jim wallis gay rights

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The Mustard Seed Conspiracy: When conservative writer Marvin Olasky pointed this out, and that Soros also financed groups supporting abortionatheismand same-sex marriagein a World magazine column, Wallis said, "Glenn Beck lies for a living. In he made the following remarks: InWallis admitted to accepting money for Sojourners from philanthropist George Soros after initially denying having done so. Retrieved August 3, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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In an interview with the Huffington Post, Wallis spoke of the need to renew and reestablish the importance of marriage in society.

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Jim Wallis now supports gay marriage

Copyright c Baptist Press. However, most of the rise in favor of same-sex marriage comes from the millennials born after Evangelical pastor Jim Wallis continued his progression towards recognizing the equality of God's children. Pacem in Terris Peace and Freedom Award laureates. Reprinted from Baptist Press www. Wallis has been quoted as saying, "I would suggest that the Bible is neither "conservative" nor "liberal" as we understand those terms in a political context today

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A Thanksgiving - God's Politics". Politics for people like you is really all about you, your fame and power, and your taste of it during the last election has revealed what kind of politician you truly are. It is the ongoing life of a community of faith that issues a basic challenge to the world as it is, and offers a viable and concrete alternative. It is traditional or conservative on issues of family values, sexual integrity, and personal responsibility, while being progressive, populist, or even radical on issues like poverty and racial justice. It is regrettable that the DCBC has apparently chosen to embrace churches, leaders and staff that convictionally affirm, approve or endorse same-sex marriage. According to the SBC annual church profile, the most recent year of record, four churches listed on the DCBC web site contributed through the convention to SBC causes, while one other contributed directly through the SBC executive committee for Southern Baptist work.

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