Health care and gay marriage

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Not only is marriage associated with positive health outcomes for all individuals, regardless of sexual orientation; in addition, same-sex marriage has not been demonstrated to adversely affect the institution of heterosexual marriage. The sexual orientation question was embedded in a brief sociodemographics questionnaire. How will gay marriage ruling impact the health insurance industry? Accessed February 9, All authors edited drafts of the article.

health care and gay marriage
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Kann, L.

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State Medicaid Director Letter In the full sample, analyses examining whether the time 1 mean is different from the time 2 mean were calculated using paired sample t tests. Flores, A. For medical care, the total number of visits for general medical care, hypertension, and sexually transmitted infections decreased.

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When analyses included only patients with data at both time points, the results were similar; only medical care expenditures were no longer significantly lower in the 12 months after the law was passed.

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