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Hank and his friends then turn the tables, shooting at point blank range themselves, bringing outside unsanctioned equipment and changing clothes on the field. They weren't in the film very long. Tue, August 25, 9: Lampshaded in a scene where Quinn shoots Sandi because she doesn't recognize her with her goggles on; Sandi angrily points out that it's against the rules not to wear them, whereupon the Fashion Club says "Some rules are meant to be broken. But you made such a good target!

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Another episode featured the Bokuto officers on their day off visiting an amusement park with a paintball arena and competing against the amusement park employees, who wear monster costumes thereby triggering Miyuki's phobia.

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Oklahomans on Team Senate win paintball division title in California meet

Finally, during the event briefing, the host literally shoots a contestant point blank for comedic effect. Not only does no one ever wear face masks in this episode, but the bully frequently engages in activities that would get you immediately thrown off the range such as lining up a losing team against a fence for a "firing squad" shot and of course, nary a marshal or range master is seen. In the training exercise at the beginning of The Living Daylightsthe guards shot the infiltrating spies with paintballs at least that was the intention despite their lack of face protection. And are available for all kinds of parties, including stag parties bachelor parties and hen parties bachelorette parties. The campers seemed properly equipped in Return to Sleepaway Campexcept for Alan. That sequence features a cameo from "Doc", who runs a paintball shop in Alaska and draws The Whiteboarda paintball-themed Web Comicas well as a human version of the owner of the paintball field from that comic, "Red". As with many things, those who are familiar with the game will likely be frustrated by the inaccuracies done, sometimes just in the name of Rule of Cool.

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No hard feelings eh? I'm on your side! And poker, which provides his income for now. This way soldiers and cops can get the feel of dealing with live ammo, complete with projectiles whizzing around. Several smilodonian youths are there for the same purpose, and the two sides decide to go against each other. In any case, skills and tactics used in paintball regardless of equipment including the gun and headgear translate rather well to an actual combat engagement.

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