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This study explored the relationships between the existence of and length of time since implementation of school-based Gay-Straight Alliances GSAs and explicit anti-homophobic bullying policies in secondary schools across British Columbia, Canada, with experiences of anti-gay discrimination, suicidal ideation and attempts among lesbian, gay, bisexual LGBmostly heterosexual, and exclusively heterosexual students. Please wait Ethical principles for medical research involving human subjects. Supporting homosexual adolescents and their families is emphasized with regard to sensitively providing information, disclosure decisions, coping with stigmatization, and resiliency factors. Slavery, U.

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Because if I had seen that ad when I was a scared, sad little kid in a small Midwestern town so many years ago, maybe I would have suspected for a moment that there was a better life ahead for me, which indeed there was:

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Request full-text. Image zoom. The findings presented four themes: It is an advocative interpersonal process characterized by reciprocal exchange of information, it is context specific, and it results in improved mental health.

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Support for the hypotheses was found.

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