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Because it was so quiet, at first it was hard to determine what was nude, and what was not. The snack bar seems to be the point where the nudist section begins and continues to the right southeast. Beware of the slope leading down to the beach - the taverna washes cars and lets out the soapy water on the slope making it very slippery. Communist poet Yiannis Ritsos was exiled here by the junta his wife was a Karlovassian and the street where he stayed is named for him. Be aware that a report from suggests that nudism is now prohibited here; caution is therefore advised.

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The breakfast was simply the best buffet we have ever had in 16 years of travelling to Greece, the choice expansive and the quality superb.

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GENERAL INFO The evergreen island of the world famous mathematician Pythagoras and the astrophysicist Aristarchos with its large dream-like sandy beaches, its crystal clear deep blue waters, its traditional settlements, its graphic narrow streets and its exquisite passages will offer you an unforgettable vacation. Fresh coffee or tea, fresh fruits or vegetables, fresh bread, yoghurt, honey, corn flakes, jam and butter, juices, eggs, ham and cheese, or whatever they find early in the morning in the town market. However sunbathing nude is possible in the dunes. Follow the road further through a very nice terraced olive grove. It is not accidental that the admiration of the visitors is plentiful when coming across the art of woodcarving that emerge from within the exquisite iconostasis present at the churches, the impressive workmanship of the icon paintings and the ecclesiastical architecture.

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After a busy textile beach you walk straight on, just keep the sea on your left, and notice that the beach is getting more and more quiet. Karlovassi, unlike Vathy, sits on a plain and has room to spread out. There were some yachts with textiles on the far end, and some clothed people on the middle part. As for Mohammad he was crying and crying. The little village of Votsalakia is said to be nice, not busy, and tolerant.

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