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Note before you read: Portions are Copyright by their respective copyright holders. In the light dialog you also have a button All Properties that allows you to switch from Insert Image dialog to ImageManager with ImageEditor dialog if you decide you want to access all image properties options. Log in to add a tag. My Interpretation There is indeed a live version of this song in which the singers try out the styles of various other singers at the end, but there's also a studio version on a Doctor Demento CD in which they just sing it straight to turn a phrase ironically. Enter a New Message Message:

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I've not actually heard a Tenacious D version, and every version I have actually seen online has been mislabelled as such when it doesn't even sound like Jack Black's voice.

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Log in to add a tag. Dr Demento's 30th Anniversary Collection. I guess there is such a thing as good Canadian music. While the concept of a gay Eskimo seems absurd and comical to the average non-native Westerner, there is in fact a tradition of Two-Spirit people in North American native culture. I'm the only gay Eskimo, I'm the only one I know. General Comment This isn't Tenacious D.

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One guy tags an MP3 wrong and shares it, and suddenly people can't tell what band sings what Home News News Upcoming Events. Each version has its own merits, as the live version allows them to yuck it up with the audience, but the studio version is sung much more mournfully, making its theme that much more ludicrous. General Comment this song fucking cracks the hell out of me. I make a wish on the Northern Lights, That I could find a decent pair of whaleskin tights.

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