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February is LGBT history month- a celebration of the battles won, those still to fight and all that the queer community have brought into the world. Spijker Pub off the beaten track, but well worth the visit. It can be many things, but what it is most certainly not, is a sideshow. It's filmed at the momentous edition of the bingo night at Spijker. There are some queer venues that put on shows throughout the evening. It can be weird. Nights like Duckie see cabaret mixed with campness, before you fall across the road into one of the warehouse spaces that rumble on until lunchtime the next day.

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Of the several themed nights the Lesbique party are noteworthy:

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The Dos & Don'ts Of Gay Clubbing

Dirty Dick's Cruisy gay bar with darkroom. Eagle Large gay night club with darkroom and smoking area. Think pastel v necks. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. You will get disgusting and hot and sweaty. Queer clubs are a place to let yourself go.

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Someone will probably rap about potatoes. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Alternatively, you could just not. Dirty Dick's Cruisy gay bar with darkroom. Remember to look after each other.

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