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Brimming with cheerful obscenity, sharp satire and catchy tunes, The Book of Mormon is a sick mystic revelation, the most exuberantly entertaining Broadway musical in years. Sign Up: The hero of the story, as every schoolchild knows, is Atticus Finch Jeff Danielsa lawyer in rural Alabama in the early s, who bravely defends a disabled black man, Tom Robinson Gbenga Akinnagbeagainst a false accusation of rape. Along with Whoopi Goldberg's solo show, perhaps the most celebrated Broadway debut of the s. Terrence McNally's Tony-winning comedy of gay men loving and fighting on a beach-house holiday capped the author's exploration of gay themes in such works as The Lisbon Traviata and A Perfect Ganesh. Love the mag? Harvey Fierstein's semi-autobiographical comedy of Arnold and his extended family -- including his lovers and bewildered mother.

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Joined by a puffed-up actor-waiter Christopher Sieber and a leggy career chorus girl Angie Schworer, who looks like someone stretched Jane Krakowski on a rackDee Dee and Barry decamp—albeit very campily—to rural Indiana.

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Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Meanwhile, that airborne infection Spider-Man: Broadway Bares: I know!

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