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The jizz flowed out of me and filled the clear tube and I groaned and kept firing. He noticed my eyes straining to see him and the thin lips parted a little pursing upwards not at the edges like a human smile, but lifting at the center. The leader pinched whatever was holding my cum and handed it to something under the table. Reprogramming - alien male on male sex reprogramming masturbation mind control symbiosis worlddomination straight to gay drone transformation. The jacket slipped off my arms without resistance.

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Two fingers, too wide and ending with flat spoon-ish tips rubbed at my temples and I felt myself drifting away again.

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The leader watched them with his lips puckering in that weird shape that may have been a smile. Then suddenly the colors were not in the sky. Alien - alien abduction balls shaving leather milking edging ranch bondage soldier kidnap farm animal. The sound grew fainter and fainter until with a sound like something tinny popping open and shut, the sound was gone.

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Now he was prone.

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