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Hate Crimes Act, which would have increased punishment for criminals motivated by hatred of a victim's gender, religion, ethnic background or sexual orientation, was killed in committee by Texas Senate Republicans. There was a backlash after Massachusetts legalized same sex marriage during the election cycle where fourteen states amended their constitution to ban recognition of same-sex marriages and many banning civil unions as well. This in turn galvanized gay activists and their supporters, who resolved to maintain the rights that they had recently achieved. Supports the Supreme Court Marriage Equality decision, Supports comprehensive federal nondiscrimination policies for LGBT Americans in [housing, employment, public accommodations, credit, jury service, education, and federal funding], Supports including LGBT people under sex discrimination laws, Opposes anti-LGBT state laws including anti-transgender legislation, Supports combating youth homelessness, Supporting policies to improve school climates for LGBT students, Supporting LGBT elders, Supporting access to trans healthcare, Ending violence against LGBT people including the crisis of anti-transgender violence, Supporting mental health, and "Insuring fair treatment for LGBT veterans, including by proactively reviewing and upgrading discharge records for veterans who were discharged because of their sexual orientation. On November 10,Obama officially announced his support for the Equality Act of

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Social policy of Donald Trump.

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Washington state's governor signs gay marriage law

In the US, the current guidance from the U. Retrieved 22 January Archived from the original on April 23, InGregoire signed a bill granting gay and lesbian couples all of the state-provided benefits that married couples have. Retrieved October 9,

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The majority opinion focused on the constitutionality of the Legislature's enactment of the state's Defense of Marriage Act limiting the privileges of marriage to opposite-sex couples. Governor Gregoire signed the bill into law on February 13, and Washington joined six other states and the District of Columbia in allowing same-sex marriage. But a resurgence of conservatism in the s would slow the advance of gay and lesbian civil rights. Adoption Age of consent Conversion therapy bans Hate crimes Housing discrimination Intersex rights Military Transgender Intersex Sexual orientation Employment discrimination by municipality State bans on local anti-discrimination laws Immigration No promo homo laws Public accommodations Religious exemptions Same-sex unions Civil unions Domestic partnerships by municipality Marriage Transgender rights Voting. Several prominent Washington-based companies employing tens of thousands of workers in the state have supported the bill, including Microsoft, Amazon and Starbucks.

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