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Wellbeing of gay lesbian and medical students. For many, the legalisation of same sex marriage in England has been an even more important step, and provided additional impetus to be open with colleagues. That action may be a careless remark or joke that belittles a homosexual or bisexual patient, or it may be denying gay, lesbian, and bisexual students admission to medical school or marking them down during training on the basis of their sexuality. Health Service Journal ; www. We urge the royal colleges and postgraduate deans to ensure that appropriate learning opportunities are provided as part of general and specialty training programmes and continuing professional development.

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We also suggest that the colleagues of such doctors listen respectfully to this shared information, realising the cost at which it has been spoken, and welcome these doctors into conversations.

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Health Care Antidiscrimination Laws Protecting Gays and Lesbians

Firstly, support must be provided for lesbian, gay, and bisexual students. It may also involve denying a residency position to a homosexual or bisexual doctor or refusing to refer patients to such a doctor. This is why they need specific opportunities to foster an awareness of, and to deal with, their own homophobic attitudes. Burke and White provide a welcome US perspective on the hostile attitudes and behaviours experienced by lesbian, gay, and bisexual doctors. Even more compelling than these statistics were the many personal anecdotes detailing callousness, ostracism, insults, rescinded job offers, and invitations to undergo psychotherapy. He has never felt the need to join GLADD or any other organisation, but is reassured that support exists should he ever run into trouble. Future research and possible solutions Although there is evidence that the climate of acceptance has improved over the past quarter century, gay, lesbian, and bisexual doctors still face many questions, issues, and dilemmas see box.

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Discrimination Anti-homosexual discrimination represents homophobia in action. Some homophobic views were probably softened through empathy, while others hardened amid increasing vitriol directed at the gay community. We reviewed the references of the selected papers to identify studies missed by our initial search. Acquiring and demonstrating attitudes in medical education: Katsufrakis has explored the risks and benefits of serving in this role. Both he and Taylor-Smith know LGBT medics who still keep their sexuality secret at work for fear of negatively affecting their career prospects and relationships with colleagues. For many, the legalisation of same sex marriage in England has been an even more important step, and provided additional impetus to be open with colleagues.

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