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These efforts were certainly not limited to the United States, as young people of color around the globe have often led the way forward, as evidenced by protests by French college students in to achieve education reform or the Soweto Uprising led by South African high school students in protest of Apartheid rule. Dunn, Jr. It's pretty nice for the pilot, as he has a seat and sees alyssa dunn is gay happening. Just as we must teach them. This movement resonates particularly strongly for us as professors at MSU, given the horrific news that has emerged about the lack of response to allegations of sexual assault and violence, and the way on-campus student activism has been and will continue to be instrumental in fomenting change.

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Too frequently, white allies think we are asking them to come into our communities to affirm our account of racist acts and structures.

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The majority of the protestors we see in both of these current examples are white, in contrast to other movements like BlackLivesMatter and LiberateMSU. Playing with the Convicts allowed me to accept my sexuality a lot more. We must demand that we be better.

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Of course, student-led activism is nothing new.

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