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The case was settled out of court to the Boys' advantage, and they donated the undisclosed sum awarded them to charity. The chorus includes these gems:. She had even reportedly wanted to record it with them, but they didn't take her up on her suggestion. OK, it's not much of a parody, but nobody said they have to be good. Lyrically, it celebrates competition with the repeated refrain "There can only be one winner. I've never really thought of the single "Jizz in My Pants" by Andy Samberg's comedy-music group The Lonely Island as a PSB parody—it's too markedly different in style and in the video visuals—but many nevertheless regard it as such.

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Speaking of which—

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Michael denies attack on Bush. But that's only judging by this YouTube rendition, which I admit may be somewhat misleading. Bowie dismisses Kylie and Robbie. While his dream of performing in Las Vegas is in the past, he still has occasional outings as Fifi La True.

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I've been told that it's quite vulgar in keeping with the general style of the show but also quite funny.