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You know what people would like? Heck, we even got a visit by the FBI! Please support him by calling his office, and the two Senators representing your state. To get a job and work and make money like good little capitalists! Flower girls at weddings? Brown follows after the jump and these two appalling videos:

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This has been a very interesting year:

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See Obama's 20-Year Evolution on LGBT Rights

Please be patient, depending upon the speed of your internet connection it may take a moment or two to load. CHICAGO—The discovery that former Penn State University defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky has been molesting boys as young as 10 years old — and that university officials including head coach Joe Paterno did not do more to apprehend this predator — has shocked America. Only God knows, but it is fair to assume that his name would not be carved into a tombstone as it is today. These countries have two things in common: What about the Christian baker, florist, photographer or wedding venue owner? The order applies to a group of workers that, at around 28 million, accounts for about one-fifth of the American workforce. Heck, we even got a visit by the FBI!

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So strap on your Huggies, Republicans! Then, if the country is still here, try ten minutes of not talking about using the Federal Government as your platform to stop the homosexuality from happening. You bet it does! According to some, the only battle left is to preserve religious freedom. Well, it turns out: In future posts we will hone in on other disturbing factors, including:. Box Naperville, IL

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