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Kristen Gillibrand, D-N. Bennett and seven fellow competitors went before a crowd Saturday evening in the annual International Association of Trans Bodybuilders competition at a theater in Atlanta. He studied the pastor's reaction to what he was saying, afraid that at any moment she would lash out in anger. No longer believing he had a spiritual problem, he started to think it was a medical one. Less than a year after re-enlisting, Phills dominated the competition at the International Association of Trans Bodybuilders. Of course it attracts gay people, so does walking down a beach with a ripped body.

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Neo realized how many people were out there who had been born in the "wrong" body.

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Then his voice started to get raspy. The counselor suggested he talk with the school pastor. Army Gen.

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For the first time, someone who was a Christian had suggested he should accept himself.

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