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This brings the point home, the more courts understand and recognize the innate charateristic of sexual orientation, the less likely they are to permit gays being restricted from marriage. And why do you care? Marriage is about commitment and a desire to be in a loving relationship with one person. Keep it civil and stay on topic No vulgarity, racial slurs, name-calling or personal attacks. Patrick Jones, Griffith, ACT Meeting individual needs Hopefully Jenna Price's article will reduce parents' anxiety that their children will be social outcasts, and destined to poverty, if they do not start, and complete, a degree yesterday.

No one is redefining marriage.

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Thank you Bob for standing firm and true. And they should stop having gay kids!!! Dont lump me with him either. Thanks for the warning. So by your logic, because people like Ted Bundy and Jack the Ripper were heterosexual, we should not have heterosexual marriage. And, rights are something that never ever should go to a pubic vote — they either are a right or they are not. I always question authority.

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Their first survey showed that the "ultimate driver" of contributions and volunteers was a belief that the institution of marriage was created by God and not a construct of man. Jesse Connolly, the political organizer who headed up the No on One campaign, is mostly about polling, projections, and analysis. This is a face although his children will deny it it. There is no vulgarity, name-calling or personal attacks in it. What we have argued is that when interracial marriage is taught in school, it will be a new colorless version of marriage, one that is at odds with the religious, moral and personal beliefs of many Mainers and one that is forced on children over the objections of their same race parents. You can then bring forth a question to rescind it like in California-that will be your right as well. Live and let Live!