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Gay men may be at increased risk for certain forms of cancer, and illnesses linked to cigarette smoking. There are risks of course, but most of them can be avoided with common sense. Encouraging people to engage in risky sexual behavior undermines good health and can result in a shortened life span. Because of the close link between infection with gonorrhea and HIVthe increase in gonorrhea rates may lead to a subsequent increase in HIV rates and other STDs as well, unless immediate public-health intervention takes place. Compared to controls who had no homosexual experience in the 12 months prior to the interview, males who had any homosexual contact within that time period were much more likely to experience major depression, bipolar disorder, panic disorder, agoraphobia and obsessive compulsive disorder. Based on all available data, the rate of HIV infection among gay men is not going down.

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Most gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men get HIV by having anal sex, which is the riskiest type of sex for getting or spreading HIV.

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Health Concerns for Gay Men

Multiple studies have identified high rates of psychiatric illness, including depression, drug abuse and suicide attempts, among selfprofessed gays and lesbians. Work to keep yourself healthy. Sexual orientation and its relation to mental disorders and suicide attempts: The rigid physical norms are accompanied by social norms based on highly sexualized repartee, sarcasm and generally bitchy unsupportive banter. In addition to the risks of hepatitis A, rimming may also pose a risk for certain bacterial and parasitic infections, due to potential exposure to feces while rimming is taking place. A strong effort needs to be made to teach the gay community about HIV and other STDs in a way that gay men can related to. Camille Paglia, "I'll take religion over gay culture," Salon.

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There are five major distinctions between gay and heterosexual relationships, with specific medical consequences. Depression and drug abuse can lead to reckless sexual behavior, even among those who are most likely to understand the deadly risks. De-simplifying single-tablet regimens for HIV treatment. Toronto Public Health; [cited Mar 30]. For a resource you can use to help develop your own program, click here.

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