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Facebook MySpace. Read our discussion guidelines before commenting. Lots of straight women go to gay bars so they can dance, and not get groped. The central target of the reports in the homosexual press is White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan, a figure who regularly called on Gannon at press conferences. That whole family is on the outs with the GOP. I do believe in the mid 90s that was the start of the bug chasers thanks to the internet! Is Scott McClellan hot or not?

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Learn more about all four of my published booksincluding Hitting Hardin which I tackle the most heated topics of debate among gay people and the political left.

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The date was fixed in the mind of the source because a local memorial service was held the same day that McClellan attended. RawStory also says there is a link between McClellan and the man who posed as a journalist and had been accredited by the White House. Mr C Amen Mark, I agree with you totally.

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If he is then that would make them total hypocrits.

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