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This week was also 4th of July and lots of sales for outdoor barbecuing meat. It was Saturday and usually the Meat Counter was especially busy. Got to go now, youngen. I went to the back of the Grocery Store instead of going around front. He love to fuck, and have orgasm after orgasm, but never thought fucking another dude could be so great.

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You just hit my prostate and caused me to shoot.

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Tommy soaped his hard dick, bent me over and slowly began entering his 11 inch dick up my welcome ass. A man walked up to the first urinal next to the hole. He kept talking to the Jamaican while he plugged me and told him we should ask for donations from these other men to watch. Now Tommy wanted to take me to the local Truck Stop and trade me off to a few chosen hot trucker friends and other men. Here comes your brother, now. We are not acting in any way to send you this information; you are choosing to receive it!

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Both men had witnessed the whole thing and were jacking off. He was jacking on his good size dick as he enjoyed the show. Have you ever rimmed out a friend? Tommy had repaired his old Ford Pickup so we hopped in and headed for my first session at the truck stop. We have a small dressing room in the back of the theater used for guest. It was disgusting, and I thought about just turning around and running out the front door, but at the present time, I had no where to live. Perhaps I could talk Ricky into checking out the restroom too while John continues to clean and watch the theater the entrance.

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