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Over the following months and years, more fat kept moving around, making my legs, hips, chest, and arms, all look different. In time, and with the support of her loved ones, Imogen went to see a psychiatrist who diagnosed her as gender dysphoric — meaning her gender identity was the opposite to her biological sex. I got my start on Susans, and so did a lot of other trans women. YMMV is intended to help newly transitioning people have a realistic perspective on what hormones can accomplish. Women's National Soccer Team received criticism because they celebrated after scoring against Thailand in a blowout game. Seeing my chosen name and true gender on government issued identification made the whole thing feel real on another level. And it turns out that many of us are at.

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Only you can know if surgery is something that you need.

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That said, it was fucking terrifying going on HRT. Then you have the joy of visiting the bank, or whatever else has your old name on it. Transition is not one-size-fits-all.

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When I finally did, Diana stepped in, and now he gets to sit this one out.

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