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Pin on map. Need an account? A federal judge had ruled Nebraska's ban unconstitutional inbut the decision was quickly reversed by the Eighth Circuit. I had this idea the other night about an alternative Halloween activity and I didn't know who else to tell. There are the ordinary, honorable ways, but there are also back-door ways. The featured speaker will be Rev. As I wrote in a piece on my old Beliefnet blog:.

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Much less huge inflated pumpkins with ghosts sticking out the top, waving - I've seen a few of those tasteful items on area lawns.

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I won't tell you what happens - nothing much, but everything that needs to, really - but it's a wonderful chapter. Personally, I think the punishment is appropriate. John Yang: We fought about this at HMS several weeks ago, and no one has convinced me otherwise.

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They are expected to rule by the end of the year.