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Other research has found that this gene, called SLITRK6is active in the hypothalamus of male mice fetuses a few days before they are born. LGBT people become parents for some of the same reasons that heterosexual people do. Much less research has been conducted on bisexual and transgender people. The ability of LGBT parents to provide for the social and emotional health of their children is equal to that of heterosexual parents. Social-Work Practice Implications There may continue to be a steep learning curve for some professional social workers engaged in practice with LGBT parents. National Academies Press US ;

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In addition, legislative and legal initiatives in some states seek to limit parenting opportunities for lesbians and gay men.

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As noted, the cross-cutting perspectives described above should be considered across these areas. Microbes from farms may protect children from asthma even in cities Everything you need to know about the hospital food listeria outbreak Who should pay when medical drugs become too expensive to buy? A life-course perspective —Cohort and age differences influence health needs.

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While probability samples allow findings to be generalized to the study's target population, they are expensive and difficult to implement with LGBT populations given the research challenges listed above.

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