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But, never say never. I guess it has been about 3 years, so it has been a while. Florida Gay and Lesbian Beach Guide. But, they did always keep an extra eye on me to make sure people were not messing with me while I was there. Even though I did not perform in gay movies with other men, they did not know that and they just assumed what I was about. At that time I was bringing home bags of money and I was still living with my mom and dad. Tell me about www.

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Dalton appeared on the cover of the July of Men [10] and was selected as "Man of the Year" for

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Mark Dalton (actor)

It was a lot of fun and I got to do a lot of acting in it. Is there anything else you would like to share with the readers…perhaps something that they do not already know about you? He told me to go to Muscle Service. Well I did one photo shoot for Jock Magazine where I was a little hairy. There's also a large heated pool, a dance hall, restaurant, several themed bars and plenty of trails to go "hiking" on. Well one thing I do that the people never see is when the camera is zoomed in on my crotch area; I will be stroking myself and making horrible faces to the crew and camera guy.

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It was a very tough experience. GIO Wow, that is small. I learned to watch who I hanged out with to be honest. Mark's List gives you instant access to one of the largest LGBT social media networks in the country. I also have my video shoot I mentioned earlier. Were you isolated from the other prisoners because of your gay porn star status?

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