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Only if they consistently date both genders such as Joann Peterson, who woohooed anything with a pulse and never settled down, or Ricky Cormier, who cheated on his husband with both men and women do I consider them bi. What I Love About Toddlers. In The Sims 4marriage is also available to any couple in a romantic relationship, and Sims of either gender will recognize their spouse as "husband" or "wife". Therefore, a Sim's gender preference is fluid rather than fixed. She's fortune.

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If the cow or Prof flirt with you and set your preference either way so be it but you will also probably end up in the nunnery or monastery.

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Services option on a telephone. Sometimes I get a vibe off a particular sim and go with that. Search this Thread Advanced Search.

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The last one didn't give me the vibe of "bisexual" so much as the vibe of "unavailablesexual" -- he autonomously heartfarted married people, single straight men, and single gay women.

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