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When the English singer, actor, and international heartthrob arrived on the Met Gala red carpet with Gucci designer Alessandro Michele, the initial response in the Cut office was disappointment. Rowling has confirmed that some of the characters in the "Harry Potter" universe are gay. With an Olivier and Tony-winning play that will probably live on the West End and Broadway for all eternity, and the Fantastic Beasts franchise chugging right along, Rowling has figured out how to mine her fantastical brain for content better than any blogger ever could. Every other sin, you can go through 40 years of penance, but it can eventually be forgiven, but that one is not forgivable. And what we had thought to do was to set up a foundation which would sponsor semi-public discussion groups, based on the Kinsey Report, which is out at this point. And so inwhen I was, uh, working in the theater, I fell madly in love with the leading man whose name was Will Geer. Now why?

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A hand on his hip might have read as too campy, so I appreciated that his elegantly painted nails hung at his waist, instead. For whatever reason, the opportunity to feature more diversity in "Harry Potter," once missed in print, might have been taken on screen. Join us on Twitter and Facebook. An 8-year-old boy was bit by a shark in the third attack this season along the North Carolina coast.

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Companies ranging from Best Buy and Kenneth Cole to Hallmark and fireworks makers say levies will punish consumers.

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