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I guess I didn't realize I could do it that way since I usually think about shaving it in the middle of a shower. Thinking my hairy body and hairy ass would be a huge turn off. How much do you know about your pubic hair? Our currently weekly threads are: For shaving, keep in mind that the hair may start to grow back coarser usually every 3 days and can make you all itchy. Last weekend I had the most success shaving my bum ever. Butt hair is not a bad thing at all.

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I've been in Italy for the past couple of weeks.

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I encourage you to do your homework. I would have loved to have met a young hairy guy. Butt yeah, it hurts. Which one are you? C'mon, you know we can't do science on this topic without pics! You might want to try a skin patch test before you apply the cream on your butt. I'm assuming that my Italian heritage is what lead to my incredibly hairy ass.

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Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Go to the spa to have it done or get one of those at-home kits for relatively cheaper. You will be surprised how many guys actually like a hairy body, just keep your bush nice and trimmed, don't shave it. Meta posts to incite conflict or drama will be removed. I am 18 and Italian. You will look like a child, and that's not a turn on for anybody, well, anyone in there right mind. Thank you guys so much for the advice!!!!

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