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Retrieved from " https: For the director, see Tony Randel. Randall's success in television and on Broadway in the s -- including playing the cynical reporter in "Inherit the Wind," Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. In addition to portraying and voicing the eponymous 7 Faces Dr. The Odd Couple marathon. Why do people think wrestling is gay? Love, Sidney was soulful and complex, and is owed much by all involved with, and fans of, such shows as Will and Grace.

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He guest starred on The Alcoa Hour.

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Love, Sidney

Start your free trial. He lobbied against smoking in public places, marched in Washington against apartheid in the s and helped raise money for AIDS research. Nominated for 3 Golden Globes. This is it for me now," he said. Related Questions Why do people think the singer Shawn Mendes is gay? He was politically liberal.

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Lee's long-running dramatization of the Scopes "monkey" trial -- paved his way to Hollywood. His success on television in "Mr. Working with Randall, Klugman said, "was always a rewarding experience, because he gave you everything he ever had. He just wanted the show to be good. He studied under Sanford Meisner and choreographer Martha Graham.

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