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The two set out on a road trip on which they consummate an unspoken passion for each other—one that ultimately brings ruin to Carol's marriage and awakens dark desires within Therese. Share this Page. If any film can be credited with kicking off our cultural conversation on gender, this is it. InGLAAD found 22 percent 10 of 46 of films from these indie distributors to be inclusive, which was a welcome increase from the first year of counting these studios when we counted only Memento Films. These are films that took major risks and attempted to depict the queer experience in a variety of ways. Sony Pictures Classics.

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Many films featuring queer characters have succeeded at that mission, while many others have failed.

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Fox Searchlight Pictures. Lisa Cholodenko's chic directorial debut features a revelatory performance from Ally Sheedy as a prematurely retired photographer, and Radha Mitchell as the young woman who can revitalize her career. Are they too queer? Darren Stein's charming comedy follows a high school boy who becomes the most popular kid in school once he's outed, with the queen bees all scrambling to claim him as their Gay Best Friend.

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The instant, intense media fame Sonny earns feels more relevant than ever, and things turn surprisingly tender when we learn he plans to use the stolen money for his lover's gender confirmation surgery.

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