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Another called the movie Hollywood propaganda to promote a liberal, homosexual lifestyle. Brokeback may change some minds, but I hold no illusions that my fellow bowhunters or most rural Westerners will ever accept me — a gay, wolf-loving, tree-hugging former Marine, even if I do like to hunt elk. In ancient Mesoamerica, Mayans, Aztecs, Incas, fashioned blades from obsidian. I often feel self-conscious about it and worry others will not understand and will judge me harshly based on stereotypes. I occasionally surf a chat room, where fellow bowhunters often post rants against liberals, wolves, grizzlies and tree-huggers. Endless vistas of the Appalachian mountains, open skies, Jack and Ennis lose their supplies when a black bear, played by a sadly tame, fat, Hollywood bear, spooks their horses.

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It made me grateful I had found the courage to change my story to a happier ending.

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To participate actively in the bedrock workings of nature. The movie, like the book, is a heartbreaking depiction of being gay. Sometimes I think we forget just how far we have left to go. Humans have survived and become the dominant species on Earth as they are living, intelligent beings who apply their ingenuity in making and using tools.

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So I pick and eat wild huckleberries.